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Technology for the future!

Wanted: Higher Efficiency

In times of growing energy costs and environmental demands, assessing the individual energy efficiency of a company becomes more and more important. Furthermore, the necessity of reducing CO2 emissions challenges us to find new and innovative means of generating and using energy.

The result: All encompassing energy evaluation

You use cooling systems for fermentation, mash and must cooling, but also for climate control as well as heating. In most cases the energy needed for these purposes is generated and paid for separately. That does not have to be the case.

As an experienced and competent partner we therefore provide innovative energy management solutions. Tailor-made for your needs all from one single source.

Some of our new energy solutions are the following:

  • Combined heat and power units
  • Solar cooling
  • Absorption cooling units
  • Cooling towers
  • Free cooling units
  • Heat pumps
  • Heat recovery
  • Night air usage
  • Ice storage

Which of these technologies is best suited for your purposes is assessed through our individual necessity and energy analysis.


Save Energy – increase performance
In combination with our innovative process technology, these systems allow simple and reliable controlling while considerably increasing energy efficiency. The easy-to-handle software provides you with all necessary information enabling comfortable and efficient regulation of fermentation.

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