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Fermentation temperature control systems


The new fermentation temperature controller CLIP for monitoring the fermentation process is connected to the tank by screwing on or plugging in (clamp system) to a immersion sleeve and can be managed on location.

The mobile fermentation temperature controller CUBE for monitoring the fermentation process is ideally suited to quick mounting at changing locations. A hook integrated in the stainless steel mounting plate enables the system to be hung up on the tank. Versions with built in dirt traps and magnet valve units as well as free cable connections are available. The control systems can be operated on location.




The integration of two separate displays for simultaneously showing current and target values as well as the optical display of fermentation intensity (optional) are new elements for improved overview and handling. Additional status signal lights for operation mode, valve exits as well as CO2 and MOX functions (optional) provide wine makers with full control over treatment procedures. With the standard integrated bus system the individual tank controllers can be connected via cable (max. 1,200m) to any office PC.

The database software WMA „Wine maker’s assistant“ allows process intervention, control and documentation.


  • Simple and concise handling
  • CO2 fermentation gas sensor adaptable
  • Display for fermentation intensity
  • Separate displays showing current and target values
  • Bus system and PC software
  • Micro- and macro-oxygenation adaptable
  • Pump control and alarm outs

PDF Data sheet (PDF)


Gärtemperatur-Regelsystem FOXFermentation
temperature control
system FOX

Extendable through modular tank system. Can be combined with
                           CO2 sensor (more)


Fermentation temperature control systems CLIP and CUBE
Single tank controler to be mounted on  front of the tank or for mobile use. Can be combined with CO2-sensor (more)

Precise sensor for quantifying the amount of fermentation gases. Can be integrated into existing control techno-logies FOX, CLIP, CUBE                                      (more)