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  • Measurement principle: thermal mass flow sensor for maximum precision
  • Max. tank capacity: 20,000 litres per system (larger tanks require additional sensors)
  • Tank connector technology: cost efficient plastic pipe adapter, also available in stainless steel
  • Connector geometry: DN50 milk pipe thread (DIN 11851)
  • Overpressure safety: liquid-filled siphon
  • Passive foam protection unit
  • Interface: digital out

Quantifying the development of the CO2 fermentation gas during process control enables precise progress analysis and ideal process regulation. Fermentation delay is realised at an early stage allowing for immediate counter-measures. Together with the software "Wine Maker's Assistant" sugar exchange and alcohol development can be calculated. Therefore, you have a continued and exact insight into the process, saving a number of manual density measurements.

Nominated for the innovation prize at the INTERVITIS-INTERFRUCTA 2007







Gärtemperatur-Regelsystem FOXFermentation
temperature control
system FOX

Extendable through modular tank system. Can be combined with
                           CO2 sensor (more)

Fermentation temperature control systems CLIP and CUBE
Single tank controler to be mounted on  front of the tank or for mobile use. Can be combined with CO2-sensor (more)

Precise sensor for quantifying the amount of fermentation gases. Can be integrated into existing control systems FOX, CLIP, CUBE                                      (more)