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Software „WineMaker´s Assistant”

Software WMA

  • Display functions:
    • Current temperature and target values
    • Status of cooling and heating outlets
    • Alarm status
    • ���������
    • Error status
  • Operation functions:
    • Set target values (also grouped)
    • Set parameters
    • Input of additional measurement
  • Visualisation
    • Graphic development of fermentation temperature over time
    • Graphic development of target temperature over time
    • Graphic display of fermentation curve (Sugar decrease, alcohol increase)
    • Graphic development of additional measurements over time
    • Editable cellar views (floor plan with tanks/barrels) with display of current status for each tank/barrel
    • Individual tank display with visualisation of control front including content as well as
  • Documentation/Recording/Analysis
    • Input of descriptive information for the wine charge such as location, grape, intended quality, etc.
    • Input of process data such as yeast type, yeast addition, etc.
    • Input of process notes (saved with time stamp)
    • Finalisation and recording of finished charges
    • Load and display of finished charges
    • Print reports and graphics

  • Configuration
    • Input of tank names
    • Allocation of controller addresses to tank names
    • Alarm procedures
    • Address data of company for report printouts
    • Naming and unit for additional manual measurements
    • Save location for recorded data
    • Measurement frequency
    • Safety functions

  • Password security barring unauthorised changes
  • Editable security degree
  • Blocking of changes possible at the controller
  • CO2 control function
    • Individual activation of CO2 control function
    • Individual input of process aims and profiles
    • Save, load and manage set fermentation profiles
    • Individual parameters for control procedures
    • Display of fermentation activity



Gärtemperatur-Regelsystem FOXFermentation
temperature control
system FOX

Extendable through modular tank system. Can be combined with
                           CO2 sensor (more)


Fermentation temperature control systems CLIP and CUBE
Single tank controler to be mounted on  front of the tank or for mobile use. Can be combined with CO2-sensor (more)

Precise sensor for quantifying the amount of fermentation gases. Can be integrated into existing control techno-logies FOX, CLIP, CUBE                                      (more)