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Everything under control!

The most advanced technology is worthless if you do not know how to use it. Therefore we at fp sensor systems have been intensively developing new cooling process and control technology. The result is a range of innovative and computer-generated fermentation control systems, which enable the user to monitor and regulate fermentation at all times.

During development, it was of central importance to meet the specific demands of the wine makers and then implement these in easily controlled but advanced technology. Therefore, our control systems FOX, CLIP and CUBE recognise conventional temperature measurements as well as dynamic fermentation progress (optional). All systems can be combined with our CO2-Sensor and can be extended with modules, depending on construction and usage. Controlling is comfortably provided by specifically designed central software.

These innovations increase the cellar master’s options to improve on quality and individual character of each individual wine. A factor you can taste!

Gärtemperatur-Regelsystem FOXFermentation
temperature control
system FOX

Extendable through modular tank system. Can be combined with
                           CO2 sensor (more)

Gärtemperatur-Regelsystem CUBEGärtemperatur-Regelsystem CLIP

Fermentation temperature control systems CLIP and CUBE
Single tank controler to be mounted on  front of the tank or for mobile use. Can be combined with CO2-sensor (more)

Precise sensor for quantifying the amount of fermentation gases. Can be integrated into existing control systems FOX, CLIP, CUBE                                      (more)